The 4 Key Elements of Car Window Tinting

There are some key elements of car tinting in Dubai, and getting them done varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. These elements include cost, UV protection, and optical clarity. Let’s look at each one of them in more detail. Read on to learn more about the process of car window tinting and decide which is right for you. In addition, find out how tinting works on rear side windows. There are two main types of window tinting: dark and light. Darker tints can obscure certain features, while lighter tints can make them unreadable.

Optical clarity:

If you are looking to increase the privacy of your car, one of the advantages of window tinting is that it will prevent other people from seeing the inside. In addition, tinting will prevent criminals from targeting your vehicle. It is important to determine what you want to get from window tinting before purchasing a film.

UV protection:

There are many advantages to car window tinting, and one of them is its ability to protect you from harmful UV rays. This type of window film will block up to 65% of the UV rays that enter the car. It can also balance the climate and provide comfort for all passengers. It will reduce fuel consumption, too. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends car window tinting as a proactive skincare regimen.

Rear side windows:

While tinting a vehicle’s windows will improve your safety, you’ll also want to consider how much heat it allows. Many cars are equipped with air conditioning, so tinting these windows will reduce your usage of both. However, window tinting laws in different states vary. In Dubai, for example, you must have a window tinting percentage of at least 50% on the front side windows and 35% on the rear side windows.


Car window tinting is a relatively affordable way to make your vehicle more energy efficient. However, it is important to know the exact costs of different tinting films. A cheap tint, such as MonoCarbon, can run you AED 50 per window or AED 250 for all 7 windows. A more expensive tint, such as the Rayno Phantom S7 or S9, can run you up to AED650 for all 7 windows.